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About the project

ELATE - Extensible Logger And TracEr

What is ELATE?

ELATE is a software application, disributed as C source code that is intended to be compiled with any other C/C++ program. It is able to collect information about different situations, conditions and events inside the program, transform this information into data items called “reports” and to forward the “reports” outside, toward one or more entites, called “reporting targets”.

What is that good for?

Since ELATE may forward different messages from the hosting program outside – that may be used for different missions, for example:

  • software debugging;

  • tracing of usage of system resources;

  • logging of textual reports;

  • tracing of application and/or system-level events;

  • etc.

What is special in ELATE?

  • ELATE provides several built-in report types, like: textual output, assertion, dump of variables and memory regions;

  • ELATE allows to classify the generated messages by levels of importance;

  • ELATE gives the opportunity to mask (suppress) generated reports by one or more criteria;

  • ELATE provides the way to define many different reporting targets (like printer, file, another process, socket, console etc.); also there is a flexible mechanism allowing easy runtime redirection of reports between targets;

  • ELATE makes minimally possible usage of resources and services of operating system (for example, it uses NO dynamic memory allocation) – that allows it to be minimally dependent upon the specific OS; Though originally ELATE was created in i386 Linux environment it may be easily ported to any other platform.

  • ELATE allows to define custom report types and to configure wide range of its inernal parameters.

  • Developer may easily add its own kinds of reports using scripts.

How can I obtain it?

  • ELATE is an Open-Source project, hosted by The project summary can be found here. The sources are available through the CVS here

  • Also you may download ready packages from here.


ELATE online

If you want to post your comments, doubts, requests and any other opinions through the mail Also please checkout the Open Discussion forum

What is next?

If you have any ideas how to improve or extend this software – please do not hesitate, inform me through the e-mail ( or using the Feature Request tracker Also the Open Discussion forum. is available.

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I am trying to build a list of projects using ELATE. If you know projects or companies using it in their work please let me know through the email and I will add them to the list.


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